Why You Should Choose Faux Wood Garage Doors!

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Are you thinking of replacing your existing doors? If so, you may want o get the look of wood without the work – via faux wood garage door.

When it comes to materials for design, there’s nothin as timeless as wood. The warm, rich texture and wood grain look make even the simplest garage doors look premium. But wood garage door requires more maintenance and upkeep. After all, wood is an organic material that can be susceptible to damage more so than other industrial materials.

The solution? Go for faux wood garage door! With so many options on the market, you can achieve he look of real wood garage doors without the maintenance and the cost needed when opting for genuine wood doors.

Faux material may not sound as premium as genuine wood doors, but they can stand to the demands of residential garage door use. And there are several advantages to choosing a more practical material like aluminum, steel, or fiberglass in place of wood.

Why You Should Choose Faux Wood Garage Doors

Here are several reasons why faux wood garage doors may be your best choice for a new garage door:

Cheaper Alternative

Real wood garage doors will look premium on your exterior, but they will also rack you thousand of dollars upon installation. Wood garage doors tend to be more expensive than other materials like aluminum, steel or fiberglass.

Why does wood command more dollars? Well, for one, it’s a harder material to source. Oak cedar, mahogany, and redwood doors are premium types of wood that will be pricier the larger the garage door size. Wood garage doors are constructed in layers to prevent warping. Of course, the more wooden slats needed to thicken the doors, the more it will cost.

Wood garage doors also generally need more care. Staining, keeping the moisture at bay, and repainting will be part of you garage door maintenance budget.

The cost of faux garage doors is a marked difference to genuine wood. Faux garage doors made of fiberglass or painted faux woo can achieve the aesthetic look and be as functional as any other garage door but sans the hefty price tag.

More Lightweight

Weight is an important aspect of choosing new garage doors. Your motor, garage door opener, and spring dimension should all be be consistent with how much the garage door itself weighs to be able to get a seamless cycle each time.

Because of their multiple layers, real wood garage doors tend to be much heavier than faux, which is made of steel or fiberglass. And because of the heavier weight, genuine wooden doors will require extra garage door openers and spring to function well.

Faux wood garage door is your best bet to getting the look of wood without the steep installation and maintenance cost. Plus, because they are lighter in weight, they are easier to install, or open manually in case your automated controls give out. Much more convenient during emergencies.

Extreme Durability

Faux wood garage door can be the right choice if you’re after low-maintenance and excellent durability in your doors. You get the wood look garage doors without with mold and decay.

They are able to withstand harsh climates and changing temperatures – whether you’re in a hot and humid location, or experience, nasty winters, you can rely on faux wood garage doors to keep your home nice and secure. As opposed to real wood, aluminum or fiberglass doors won’t be susceptible to vermin, pests, and destruction from the elements.

Aside from that, wood garage doors require repainting every few years. This keep the grains protected from moisture seeping in and warping the material. With faux wood garage doors, you get the look without needing to repaint. As long as the garage doors look presentable appearance-wise, you won’t need to be concerned about pests or rotting problems.

But this is not to say that faux wood garage doors can stay up forever; it would be also deteriorate as the year pass. Aluminum or steel garage doors tend to crack or dent if damaged. Still compared to wooden garage doors, faux wood can last a long time minimal upkeep.

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Faux wood garage doors combine durability, affordability, and beauty to achieve a low-maintenance option for your home. It is a viable option for different types of climates, and it will bring your home the aesthetic sensibilities of wood without the upkeep and premium cost. Required to have wood as a material.

If you’re in the market for new garage doors, feel free to contact us about your options. We are your full-suite garage door company that specializes in garage door installation and garage door repair. With our experienced technicians, you can manage your properly easily. Talk to us today!